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Go global. Take a look into the future of otaku culture from Akihabara.

Cloud sale ended.
LIW token will be listed on Pancake Swap in January/2022.

Cloud Sale price
1 LIW = 0.00008 BTC

What is LIW Token?

Lilith in Wonderland (LIW) is a Blockchain- based maid cafe and otaku (geek) culture platform built on BEP-20 which incentives maid cafe fans for their skills and knowledge. LIW platform utilizes blockchain technology to keep it fair for all while being secure and fast.

LIW is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses the “Lilith in Wonderland (LIW) ” token as the maid cafe currency to reward users and complete transactions.
LIW is designed to tackle conventional otaku key challenges. It will deliver a host of unique features and enhancements completely governed by the Community.

Support Investors' Excited

Lilith in Wonderland (LIW) is a Blockchain-based maid cafe Project application. It provides maid cafe and otaku loving youth a platform to play, invest, and moe (excited) while supporting the blockchain and maid cafe industry.

LIW aims to create mass adoption of blockchain and decentralisation in the world. Maid cafe and Otaku are liked by everyone and everywhere. Creating a blockchain-based maid cafe and otaku platform will help create mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and help create more awareness. The products that provide this type of service charge too much and users earn nearly 0. We aim to solve this by tokenizing the platform. Blockchain will allow for fast execution and Decentralised Financial use.

We Bring together VR maid cafe & NFT

virtual maid cafe on block chain. Communicate with maid and buy cheki (photo) by NFT. We will develop use VR technology realize Akihabara as well as a maid cafe. You can choose any maid cafe in the VR world.

Nowadays, people enjoy playing maid cafe and using Fantasy otaku apps. Still, they can only play and buy virtual items with a native currency, creating heavy service tax and fees, forcing users away. Lilith in Wonderland (LIW) uses Blockchain technology to globalize payments and Cut down the fees and Service timings. At the same time, providing more significance to users and the platform.

The Benefits of LIW tokens holders

How it all started

Q1 2021
Team formed, Development started.
Q2 2021
Internal Testnet Deployment start, LIW token launch.
Q4 2021
Liquidity Mining launch. NFT marketplace launch. Fantasy maid cafe beta version launch. Prediction market and lottery app launch.
Q2 2022
Android app launch. iOS app launch. Complete Ecosystem launch.
Q4 2022
Analytics and Explorer Launch. Private pool Creation Launch.

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

  • 20% Staking and Yield Farming

  • 20% Maid cafe Program

  • 20% Crowd Sale

  • 15% Development Treasury

  • 10% Team Fund

  • 10% Airdrop

  • 5% Advisors

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